How we work!

We strive to create the most optimal social media marketing campaign with as much organical growth as possible.

First we talk with you about your brand and company, to get a clear understanding of your business goals and vision, it needs to be aligned with your social media to show a consistency in your brand.

The plus side of this process is that we get to know each other!

After this we make a social media audit to get an understanding on what people are saying about your brand online and if there are any imposters pretending to be you.

If you already have some accounts we analyze them and see what has worked in the past.

Now to the fun part, content strategy!

We create a weekly strategy that we reiterate at the end of week to get the best possible results, we monitor everything in real-time to be ready to act and take care of problems as they arise.

After each month has passed we send a report to you with information such as

        • Net gain in followers on different social networks
        • What content that seemed to generate the most interest
        • Data on the demographs
        • The most shared posts
        • Leads generated
        • The most interesting conversation
        • Campaign and contest ideas

We use all the data aquired to reiterate our strategy and maintain a continued growth!

Each month we also create different marketing campaigns that we think will generate the most leads.

In the end it’s all about a return of investment for you, creating financial growth and brand loyalty.

Growth Process

  1. Social media audit
  2. Brand and customer analysis
  3. Core social media strategy
  4. Content plan
  5. Discussion
  6. Setup (graphical and content)
  7. Social media advertising (budget included, you can add more to the budget which starts at 20$ / day)
  8. Real time analysis
  9. Strategy and content refinement
  10. Advert analysis and refinement
  11. Maintanance(refinement each week)
  12. A report of the most interested data and conversations at the end of each month before you pay for the next month