Is traditional marketing still viable?

It’s hard to imagine where we would be today without social media. It has changed both the news
business and the entertainment business dramatically, but nothing has seen more changes at the hands
of this platform than the marketing industry. While change can be rough, this change has actually
opened the door for so many businesses and closed the doors for businesses who were not ready to
embrace the change.

Here are some of the key differences between today’s marketing and traditional:

Inbound vs. Outbound

One of the major differences between social media and traditional marketing, is the method of
delivery.With traditional marketing, companies would reach potential customers in a much less
personal way. The traditional method was outbound delivery through direct mail, television and cold
calling. Today, you can reach customers in their home and in a way that makes them feel like they
found you. It could be through a search engine, by catching their eye on social media or giving advice
through a blog. The customers of today are much more cautious, they need to trust a brand. It’s not
going to happen if you are banging on the door, begging for their business.

Communication with the Customer

Delivering a message to a massive amount of consumers can be done much faster than it did in past
years. Which is great for promotions you have that are on a time crunch! However, since posting to
social media is so easy and goes through less hands than a direct mailer would, it’s common for it to not
be reviewed. This leads to more mistakes. Keep in mind your followers on social media are quick to
call those mistakes out!

In the past, communication between customers and the business was kept pretty private. Now with
social media in the picture, one customer’s question and your answer can be viewed by thousands in
minutes! This can be a fantastic thing and it can be somewhat annoying. Always think before you
respond. Don’t be surprised if customers contacting you via social media will expect a response outside
of working hours.

Pros & Cons

Pros for traditional marketing include it’s ability to be permanent and the short-term results you will
see. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cons. Traditional marketing tools are expensive, the results are
difficult to measure and the communication is only going one-way.

There are so many benefits of utilizing social media. It’s inexpensive, it opens the door for more
engagement with your customers and it is very easily measurable. This form of marketing does have it’s
share of issues, including that it can be time-consuming and it can circulate very rapidly.