Why businesses grow from social media

Social media has become the new digital storefront. Internet marketing does not start and end with just a website. In today’s society, consumers are more cynical than ever. They judge businesses based on their accessibility! People are doing their research. They want to have easy access to reviews, photos and the latest news on their favorite brands. Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with these consumers and answer their questions instantly!

Free marketing is the greatest benefit a business will see from social media. As your loyal customers like, share and engage with your posts their friends and family will be exposed to your brand. There is no cap on how many people you can reach through these platforms!

If you opt against social media, you’re giving yourself a huge disservice. Why would any smart business owner say no to free marketing? Plus, your biggest competition is absolutely taking advantage of everything social media has to offer.

If your business currently has an advertising budget, you should know that social media offers the most cost efficient and effective marketing available. Doesn’t spending a couple hundred bucks to spread your companies message, to thousands of specifically targeted potential consumers that can receive and respond to your message in seconds sound well worth it? Start taking advantage of all of the marketing opportunities social media has to offer and you will see a huge spike in engagement and interest in your business!

Here are a few specific tips for business owners wondering how to take advantage of marketing on each social media network:


You can spend thousands of dollars on a billboard and maybe over the course of a month get about 10 leads from that ad, or you can spend ten bucks on a Facebook ad and get 10 leads in a half hour. You can even specifically target the ad towards a certain gender, age group, income level or interest group!


Believe it or not, news breaks on this social network. With 250 million monthly active users, Twitter is known as the “real-time town hall.” Find out who the influencers in your area or targeted demographic are and make an effort to build a connection with them by interacting with them. It’s all about word of mouth on Twitter and connecting with the right influencer could be your golden ticket.

Google +

Have you used Google Maps lately? If you want your brand new brick and mortar store to show up on someone’s GPS, you need to make a Google + page!


Instagram users tend to long to connect with people and brands on a more intimate level. This is your opportunity to show your company’s story, curate a connection to consumers and develop their trust in your brand. LinkedIn This social media networking site can be great for businesses whose target demographic is professionals. It can also save you thousands of dollars if you’re looking to recruit new talent to your business. Don’t waste money on a recruiter, just start connecting to potential candidates today!