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Why is Social Media Marketing so Important?

We live in the digital age, there’s no doubt about that. Everywhere we go people are connected to the Internet in some form or another; be it through the traditional means of a laptop, or by other means like their smartphones and tablets. One thing that is fact though, is that people are using the internet. Traditional marketing is losing its steam to social media marketing and there’s no doubt about that. If your company is only utilizing traditional marketing, you might be missing out on huge profits. Stop and think about it, wouldn’t you want your company to be super successful? What do you think is going to cause this? You need to market on the Internet!

Therefore, the internet is the only place in the world where you have access to the most diverse and varied market ever, add in Social Media to the equation –one of the main places where everyone “gathers” on the internet – and you have the greatest opportunity to signal boost your brand, product or service to hundreds of thousands of people at a time. Think about it, over one billion people use Facebook alone; even if you managed to secure 0.001% of that number in regular sales and interactive customers, your company would be much more profitable.

However, is your company perfectly poised right now to take advantage of that? How is your social media marketing going? Do you see your company making hundreds of thousands each year off social media marketing? What do you need to do?

You might already have a social media account – or maybe you think you have one, but nothing is really happening on it. That’s where we come in at Singular Social Media, our sole purpose –singular purpose! – is to help your business harness the power of social media and turn that into sales and profit for you. That’s right, we are here to help revolutionize your social media marketing campaign, or even start an entirely new one from scratch. We are a group of driven, dedicated, and inherently creative people and we strive to bring all of those qualities to everything that we do – including your work.

“Viktor and his team helped us get a new sale the following day, they’re our go to guys for social media marketing now!”

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We handle every aspect of social media marketing that you can think of

    • Content creation – we craft content ideally suited to the vision and branding of your company; expect the best writing and phenomenal social media optimization.
    • Full-time management of your social media account – social media is a full time job, and we know that; that’s why we provide you with the best management for all your accounts
    • Interactions with Fans – we know how to curate posts, choose engaging topics and grow your Facebook following organically.
    • Engagement with Followers – it can be hard to get your point across in 160 characters or less, that’s why we’re dedicated to making every status update, count for you.
    • Social Media Ads – advertisements run the social media marketing world, we know just how to advertise so expect us to bring all of that expertise to your campaign.
    • Graphic Design solutions for your accounts – humans are aesthetic creatures, therefore will provide you with graphic designs for each of your accounts, to stimulate and sustain interest
    • Monthly Reports – To show you the fruits of our labor we provide a monthly report showing all the stats we’ve aquired.
    • Social Media Analysis – We will analyze all the data in a more human way, to make sense of what is working and what is not.

Plus much more! Every package that we’ll pitch to you is a custom one, specifically crafted with the specific needs of your company, brand or business in mind. You’ll be getting a hand-picked solution to for all your business’ digital marketing efforts, one that’s proven grow your business

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Social media marketing is no easy task. Throw in the uncertainty of not knowing what will be popular within a few hours, coupled with ensuring that each and every individual customer’s needs are met, and you have quite a turbulent market. Nonetheless, at Singular Social Media, we’re undeterred and frankly unfazed; we put in the work to get things done.

Social media encompasses everything from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to even sites like LinkedIn. We’ve spent the time, and have the experience to make ourselves versed in all these networks, in order to ensure that you’ve got the best all around. Our resolve to become the best converts into amazing service, and that’s evident in the organic way that we grow your social media.

We know the tips, tricks and trades to grow your business’ social media presence quickly, using white hat tactics and sheer creativity. We consult with you, listen to your needs, and then formulate the best strategy to get your business, brand or company to where it needs to be. As a professional, you know how important it is to delegate important tasks to people with experience. That’s exactly why you need to choose us.

We offer a free consultation were we discuss possible ROI and give you ideas on how to reach these goals, to help you get started on the path to identifying any issue your social media campaign might be having, and then provide you with the team to handle it effectively – Singular Social Media!

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